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12V 450ML Auto Car Heating Cup In Car Charger Stainless Steel Coffee Tea Water Heater Cigarette Lighter Adapter Style

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Designed to heat up your drinks on car cigarette lighter and keep it warm at 65°C with electronic thermostat function.

Cup body is made of stainless steel which has good insulation and durability.
Safety lid with sealed rubber band, prevent liquid spilling out and improve the efficiency of warming.
Anti-slip rubber base, keep the cup stable. Ergonomically handle, easy to hold the cup and it is non-slip.
Excellent fit for drivers, enjoy a hot coffee or water on the way. Perfectly fit for families to make some tea, warm milk powder for babies when going out.
1. Pour your drinks into the cup and sealed with lid.
2. Connect the cup to the car cigarette lighter with the cable.
1. Please take it down from car cigarette lighter if there is no water inside the cup, otherwise it will be burned.
2. It can only heat drinks up to 65°C at most instead of boiling (100°C).


Type Cigarette Lighter Vacuum Cup
Material Stainless Steel + PP
Quantity 1pc
Item Color As shown
Capacity 450ml
Input Voltage DC 12V
Size 8.7*16cm/3.4*6.3"(D*H)
Net Weight 0.245kg/8.6oz
Package 1*Cup
1*Power line
1*Package box

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