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30pcs Graduation Danglers

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This package includes 30pcs spiral foil pendants, 9pcs star cards, 5pcs cap cards and 1pc 2018 sign. It also comes with 15pcs plastic card and pendant connectors and 30pcs plastic holders for spiral foil pendants. There are everything you need to host a fantastic party for 2018 graduation, which will impress your classmates, teachers and yourself for a long time.

- Brand: PBPBOX.
- Color: Black, gold and silver.
- Material: Card paper and foil.
- Black star size: 3pcs for 16cm/ 4pcs for 20cm (Length).
- Golden star size: 20cm (Length).
- Silver star size: 20cm (Length).
- Cap size: 2pcs for 16cm/ 3pcs for 20cm (Length).
- 2018 card size: 24cm (Length).
- Welcome the graduates to their party with elegance as you fill the room with these foil swirl decorations.
- Create a memorable and happy atmosphere for your party.
- Suitable for hanging from ceiling, on the wall, windows, porch, tree branches, and so on.
- Reusable: Easy to hang and take down, foil swirl is durable enough, can be used many times in many different party occasions.

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