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Fidget Dodecahedron

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Fidget Cube is not enough? How about 2 times more thinks to fidget with?

What's a dodecahedron? It's a 3D object with 12(!) sides. And each of them comes with different way to keep your fingers busy!

Here are some:

  • Gears - 3 rolling gears, same as on a padlock
  • Disk - Turn it any way you want
  • Buttons - Game console controller-like buttons
  • Silicone Ball - Can be pulled and pinched freely
  • Joystick - You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy it
  • Switch - Pivot it back and forth and make you feel like turning on and off something
  • Soft Rope - It is retractable and can be used for whatever
  • Click - Now you don’t need to click that pen anymore
  • Finger Massage - Even your fingers need relaxation, after all that fidgeting

... and more!

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